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Too many documents, too little time – put AI to the task, and benefit from:

Faster time to revenue leakage correction

Reduce contract review and revenue leakage by over 50%.

Minimized Discrepancies

Minimize discrepencies in volume, rebate, and discount pricing thanks to automated clause extraction.



Inform executive decision making with scalable, comprehensive insights over any contract portfolio size or type.

Unlocking new revenue opportunities

Identify renewal upsell, cross-sell and pricing correction opportunities at AI-speed.

Over 600 Predefined Clauses

for out of the box support for major agreements.

Our experts care about collaboration and communication. Just as essential as it is to keep your contracts and clients happy, we strive to maintain the highest levels of encryption, the most intuitive solutions, and the greatest level of efficiency and savings by building on Artificial Intelligence algorithms, Machine Learning algorithms and Natural Language Processing algorithms. Have any questions? Please feel free to contact us via the form, or drop by our office for a cup of coffee and a face-to-face conversation about your company’s needs.

NDAs 100%
MSAs (IT & Other) and SOW 100%
Amendments 100%
Trust Deeds & Leases 100%
Employment & Contractor 100%